Akira Ikegawa (Representative)

It was born in Tokyo-to in 1954.
Graduated from School of Medicine, Teikyo University. Graduate school finish. MD.
Ikegawa clinic in obstetrics and gynecology is established in Yokohama-shi in 1989 via Ageo central general hospital chief director of obstetrics and gynecology.
Childbearing of about 100 cases a year is handled, and it's to present.
That will announce "Prenatal memory" at medical workshop I compose by health insurance medical practitioner in the whole country in September, 2001, and is introduced by a newspaper and is a topic. Through giving birth to a baby at present I'm aiming to be able to send an abundant life now, and writing and lecture activity are being performed energetically.
In a book "Mama's stomach has been chosen." (Lyon company) "thing only of this the child rearing begun from the inside of a stomach-Tainai memorization shows" (Mark San publication) and "I like very much from the front where a mama is born!-wonder of Tainai memory and the life" (Gakken) etc. a lot.