Childbirth and childcare supposing prenatal memory

Prenatal memory shows that a fetus has an excellent ability and they wait for attention and affection of its parents. As soon as a pregnancy was found out, please start to talk to a fetus as a respectable human being.
It has a big influence on a mother’s and a child’s physical health as well as mental health.

Morning sickness, which hurts many pregnant women in a first pregnancy period, can be regarded as a phenomenon that a mother and a fetus have difficulty with communicating. In my clinic, if a mother suffers hard morning sickness, we recommend mothers to focus on an unborn child. It's been working well.

The basic way to communicate with a fetus is talking kindly, touching a mother’s stomach while thinking of an unborn baby. The small voice of "Come out soon" that people talk to a fetus can be heard clearly with putting an ultra-small microphone inside the womb.
A fetus is making its strain on its ears to the voice, especially the voice of a mother.

Rubbing with a hand, there is the spot 1 cm above the womb, which is especially warm. A thermostat measures its obvious high temperature. There is the heart of a fetus under the spot. If you touch it kindly with a hand, a fetus might feel your affection.
Moreover, if you often lay your hand on the spot and remember the feeling, you will be able to guess approximately whether a fetus is fine or not.

In my clinic, when I touched a stomach of a pregnant woman who complained, "My stomach has been bloated since last night", I felt that the spot where the heart of a fetus is located was so cold. I asked the mother "Was there anything unusual last night?" A mother often answered, "I argued with my husband." I advised her, "Your unborn baby seems to be frightened. Why don't you talk to the baby that you are not angry with it?" Surprisingly, the mother touched her stomach and apologized to the fetus. After that, it will gradually heal bloated stomach.

Not only emotional troubles, I felt that the spot is cold during threatened premature delivery. People can feel the emotion of happiness and sadness, or health conditions of a fetus with the temperature of the spot.

A pregnant mother, her husband, her family and her doctor and midwife, all people who have something to do with a fetus should support the growth of a fetus, respecting it from a moment that they get to know a pregnancy. A fetus feels the emotion and mind of a mother. People around a mother need to prioritize how she can feel comfortable during pregnancy period as long as possible.


Support of a father

A father plays an important role of childbirth more than people consider it.
The number of father who see childbirth have been increasing, but it is not enough. Even though it is better than doing nothing, it is not a big deal if a father just saw childbirth.

A father should go to a prenatal checkup with his wife and check a monitor of echo from early pregnant period so that he can realize an existence of a fetus. Generally speaking, a father is likely to be ignored by a doctor because a doctor just talks with a mother. However, after being ignored for a while, a father will just surprise if he is asked to be present when his wife gives birth.

Many married couples come together to my clinic for a prenatal checkup. I definitely make myself to communicate with a father. When I asked to a father, "Father, do you have any question?” a father unintentionally smiles because it is his first time to be called "father" if it is their first pregnancy. A father tries to think with all his might and tells me, "Well, my wife said that she has a pain with her back."

Then, the mother next to her husband feels that he looks after his family. It makes her happy. Owing to those communications, a father will be able to grow up his consciousness gradually to make a new family.

Of course, a father can do something more than going to a prenatal checkup together. Daily communication is much more important. I hope a father, indeed, touch stomach of his wife and talked to a fetus.
Matter of fact, a father is shy to talk to a fetus. This is where people can take advantage of prenatal memory.

According to some children's prenatal memory, a fetus pays attention to voice outside the womb. If a father frequently talks or sings to a fetus, a child remembers, "I heard my father's voice." Those babies love their father so much and tend to get attached to a father. If a father talks more than a mother, some child said, "I was born from my father."

Meanwhile, some father had trouble holding a baby because she cries hard when he tries to hold her, he really loves his baby though. Answering my question, he said that he hardly talked to a fetus. A baby got used to the voice of a mother, but he does not know well about a father if a father did not talk to him during pregnancy period. This baby might get afraid of his father because he is stranger for a baby.

When I talked about this story to a father at a prenatal checkup, he starts to talk to a fetus in great haste. Seeing attitude of her husband, a mother feels happy and her emotion gets to be stable.

It is revealed that emotional stability has a big influence on the conditions of maternity period and childbirth. A pregnant woman whose emotion is relaxed keeps immunity raised so that she is strong against infections. In addition, emotional stability improves the circulation. It encourages good labor at the beginning of childbirth.
Concerning a mother’s and a child’s emotional and physical health, I expect that a father works to make favorable environment for them, using prenatal memory as a reference.