Prenatal conditions are critical to children’s future

Let me introduce some results of the studies.
In his book "Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception", Dr.Verny disclosed scientific facts, which were revealed by the latest studies of some universities, 11including Yale, Princeton and Rockefeller. He emphasized repeatedly an importance of the prenatal period.
In his book, he said,

"Experiences of first period, which has started since fertilization, practically have a big influence on a structure of children's brain."

A mother’s attitude, emotion and mind influence secretion of hormones and neurotransmitter. Those substances flow via bloodstream and reach to the brain of a developing fetus. As a result, it constructs the wiring of a brain. It signifies a mother’s thought certainly transfers to a fetus the same as alcohol and nicotine does.

When a mother feels that she is protected and her emotion is stable, the program that accelerates growth will be chosen to construct the wiring of a brain. When she is heartbroken with sadness, the program that prioritizes defense will be chosen.
What is worse, if a mother is exposed to a violent circumstance, a child's brain tends to be violent.

It is a mechanism that nature makes species adapt to circumstances in order to protect itself. After birth, children are likely to grow up under the same circumstance as a mother's.

Dr.Verny denied the theory that genes cause violent person. He concluded,

"The reason is their experiences that they were abused or neglected when they were young. Children who were abused tend to be violent criminal. Now, at last, so many achievements of studies have shown that violence and abuse are inheritable over generations."

According to a sensational book "GHOSTS FROM THE NURSERY" (written by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S.Wiley), which was so sensational in the U.S.,

"Beginning of violence grows up within 33 months, which is the sum of 9 months of a fetal period and 24 months from birth to 2 years old.

The author of this book said,

"Ghosts of children who yield theirselves to anger and depression, their existences are overlooked by communities. They will revenge against "overlook" which is almost the same meaning as abuse. Being childlike, children give community a taste of its own medicine."

He presented a message that creating better environment of childcare is more important than making laws stricter to reduce the number of crime. Creating better environment should be started from prenatal period as well as after birth.