Contents of prenatal memory

Children have remembered

Children talked about prenatal memory as below.

"It was dark and warm."
"I was floating in water."
"I heard mom's voice."
Those are simple memory.

In contrast, there are also detailed stories. Children talked about what they were not told by adults. Some of their stories agree with the real facts.

For example, when she felt hard fetal movement, some mother said, "It hurts! Please don't move." It reduced later. When her child became 4 years old, this mother questioned, "Why did you not move frequently in the womb?" and the child answered,

"You said that it hurts. I felt pity for you so I didn't move."

There is another example. Some mother had a uterine myoma at the early pregnancy period. She was worried if it would become bigger and squash a fetus. After that, she gave birth to a child safely.

When the child became 6 years old, he started to talk as below.

"There was something big in your womb, wasn't it? Something that is fatal if it would become bigger. I was afraid if it would kill me. Thanks mom for giving birth to me safely."

This mother was so surprised because she told only her husband about a uterine myoma.

Similarly to this child, there are children who remember a moment of birth as well as conditions of the womb.

"I was born, rolling."
"It was bright."

There are more cases.
A girl who passed stools in the womb talked,

"I accidentally have a poop in the womb. (When I was born) I had a cough because something stuck my throat."

A girl whose neck was winded with an umbilical cord said,

"When I was born, I could hardly breathe because something pulled my neck."

Those prenatal and perinatal memory show that children are conscious and willing to deal with conditions while they are in the womb.